Beautiful Website

Have you ever been on a website that you left immediately simply because it didn’t look professional?  Most of us have.

But why is that?  Is it because you don’t trust the business if they don’t project themselves professionally with something as simple as a website?

According to a study at Harvard University:

Users make lasting judgments about a website’s appeal within a split second of seeing it for the first time. This first impression is influential enough to later affect their opinions of a site’s usability and trustworthiness.

Fortunately, most websites today have a basic level of professionalism.  The functionality that makes them stay.  A website must be useful to the user.

For people who visit your website, that functionality includes two things:

Ability to search for homes on a website with IDX

This will not only keep leads on your website, but also keep them coming back.

Give that home shopper a reason and a means to contact you

Who are you?  Do your personality, your set of skills, your specialty…your BRAND…resonate with them?  Your website from Agent Sidekick is your sales page.  Your website isn’t selling homes, your website is selling you!

Does your website look professional?  No home shopper or seller wants to use a Realtor who isn’t professional.  Your website is most often your first impression to potential leads.

An Agent Sidekick website will provide that important first impression, and more:

  1. Professional looking website, so potential clients who land on your website decide to stay.
  2. An easy to use website, so potential clients know how to navigate your website.
  3. A functional website, so potential clients stay on your website and visit your website again.
  4. A story with your brand, so potential clients trust you and want to call you.
  5. A Call to Action, so the potential client can easily contact you.

Now let’s learn about the IDX Property Search that Agent Sidekick provides?  Or you can always request a Free Consultation.