Blogging is an important part of any business with a website.  This is especially true for real estate agents.

What is blogging?

A blog post is an article, typically written by the owner of the website.  Generally, the topic of a blog post is related to the topic of the website.   For Agent Sidekick clients, blog posts would be about the Realtor’s specific market, real estate, mortgages, or anything else that they feel the people who use their site (clients and leads) would find valuable.

A blog is a page on a website that has a collection of blog posts.  Clients of Agent Sidekick have a blog page on their website.

Blogging means that you are writing a blog post or maintaining a blog.

Blogging is a very important part of Content Marketing that you can do yourself.

You can see Agent Sidekick’s blog as an example.  The blog posts are on the topic of real estate, websites, branding, and other issues that are related to the service we provide.

Why is a blog important?  Where do we start!

  • A blog gives people on the internet a way to find you.  The more content you have your website, the better the chance you have of a blog post on a topic that a potential lead is searching for.  This is called Content Marketing.
  • You establish yourself as an expert and authority in your market.
  • A good blog post has the possibility of getting forwarded by the reader to a friend, a colleague, or another potential lead.  Agent Sidekick makes it easy for readers to social share your blog posts.
  • You help your SEO.  The people at Google love to promote websites that have blogs!
  • You differentiate yourself even more from other Realtors in your area.  How many Realtors do you know who have a blog?  How successful are the Realtors that have blogs?
  • You are providing value to visitors to your website.

Is it necessary to have a blog?

Technically, no.  It is not a requirement to have a blog page on a website.  But it helps bring traffic to a website and provide value to the readers, with the ultimate goal of generating leads.

Many people are apprehensive about writing a blog.  The biggest excuses for not blogging are:

  • They think they don’t have anything to write about.
  • They think they’re not good at writing.
  • They say they don’t have time.
  • They are afraid people won’t like what they’re writing.

These are all, we repeat, just excuses.  Anyone can blog.  Blogging becomes fun, and writing a blog post becomes quicker with each one you do.

Watch out for business that sell blog posts.  They exist, and they vary greatly in price.  These services sell the same content to all their clients.  Google does not like this and will negatively impact your rankings.  Agent Sidekick does not sell blog posts, because it is important that blogs are unique to the website.

When you sign up for Agent Sidekick, we hope that you start blogging on your new website, because we guarantee that you will enjoy, and so will your readers!

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